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WoodSteelImmaterial and Missing Power
Imperishable NightPhantasmagoria of Flower ViewShoot the Bullet
Mountain of FaithScarlet Weather RhapsodySubterranean Animism
Touhou HisoutensokuUndefined Fantastic ObjectDouble Spoiler
Great Fairy WarsTen DesiresHopeless Masquerade
Double Dealing CharacterBooks and CDsThe Highly Responsive to Prayers
The Story of Eastern WonderlandPhantasmagoria of Dim.DreamLotus Land Story
Mystic SquareOthers
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Sorter for roller coasters. Choose wood, steel, or both, and hit the Start button.
Click on the ride you like better from the two, or tie them if you like them equally or don't know them.
There'll be a table at the end of the picks with your favorites sorted out, plus a button to click for raw text to copy and paste.

Original credit: Made by haru from E-Phantasm. Scripts by migiwa from K-Factory.